Presale Services

Everybody  knows that a picture is better than a thousand words.

It often happens that we have a farm that we want to sell, but it is in a poor state of presentation, neglected, with old machinery in sight, scrap metal, surroundings with weeds, with a messy appearance, etc.

These are situations that detractthe value from the property.

In Fincas con Encanto we take care of making a farm presentable without having to spend a lot of money. For this reason we have a team of gardeners, decorators, and architects … Obviously, everyone will think what is said, that a farm can be improved until the owner’s ruin, and it is not about making a great reform, which is also possible; It is more about ordering, throwing, saving, cleaning, clearing and decorating.

This service, we try to do it with the lowest possible cost, but it will allow us to make presentable a property, being able to make then a photographic report and quality video.

I think it is a service to which the owner takes a lot of profit. It can be considered that it is not an expense, but rather, an investment. Revalue the property, with very little money.

Services in the Sale

Here we do not differentiate ourselves from other real estate companies that sell farms.

We make our legal team available to our clients so as not to leave any loose ends. From the writing of personalized contract to the important tax advice.

Our main objective is that both the seller and the buyer, are very satisfied with the operation of sale, and in this respect I have to say that it is for me a pride to end a transaction of sale in which the three parties ended up being friends. For me it is indicative that things have been done well.

After-sales services

This is a service that we make available to the buyer of a rustic property.

We take care of the renovation and rehabilitation of buildings, decoration, outdoor landscaping, garden design and maintenance. All designed for your convenience in a complete and uncomplicated sales process.

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